A 4-year-old, Javi Palomarez, has lost his dead father's iPhone while at the Walmart on Ambler Ave., Sunday.

This phone was used at a keepsake that served as a reminder of his father as Javi would listen to his iTunes account and look at memorable photos.

Javi's mother, Xochitl, said, "So when my hubby passed away, my Javi kept his phone and even though it was an expensive phone I didn't have the heart to take away that little piece of his daddy from him."

When they noticed the phone was gone, they retraced their steps back to the neighborhood Walmart. Unfortunately, the phone was not turned in.

Xochitl said the phone was disabled and apparently once that is done, it is free to use without requiring any passwords or information. She added,"Sprint said they are unable to track it once that has happened. So unless I can track it through serial number, it's gone."

This is an iPhone 6s that's gold, with a white case and is a Sprint carrier.

"Javi is so sad. Crying that he lost his daddy's phone and won't be able to see his smile. He would fall asleep playing music his dad had set up on it. Praying whoever found it realizes it has sentimental value to a 4-year-old and returns it to Walmart or contacts me to return it."

"I would be willing to pay you what you paid to recover it for my baby boy.
By the way my Javi is happy so many people care that he is sad. Thank y'all," Xochitl said.

iPhone Info:

Model: iPhone 6s

Version: iOS 10.3.2

Phone Number: (325) 232-4769

Serial Number: C77QLLWKGRY7

IMEI: 35 541507 133745 6