Thousands of people right here in Abilene may go without a meal simply because they are unable to make it or get to it.

But a local organization turned local is doing something to change that.

The Meals on Wheels program is more than just a delivery service to people in need, to some it's the only meal they may eat that day.

A local couple has received meals for five years and said without that they aren’t sure how they would eat.

“We do without, we do without, that’s right we do without."

Meals on Wheels provides home delivered meals Monday through Friday for people who are frail and either elderly or an adult with disabilities who are able to provide balanced meals for themselves.

This couple said since social security has been cut they can’t afford the necessities, like food.

“We don’t get enough with food stamps to make it through the month but we also through meals on wheels we get a sack of groceries as well."

Betty Bradley, Executive Director of the Abilene Meals on Wheels said, this program does all it can to help those in need.

“People often go hungry and that’s sad in our country at this time that there are people that go hungry because they just cannot physically prepare balanced meals for themselves."