The city of Abilene continues to grieve over the tragic death of Detective Elise Ybarra.

Ybarra was killed in a crash Sunday night while she and two other officers were en route to Dallas for a conference.

While Ybarra’s family mourns so does her work family. The Abilene Police Department turned to a local group of pastors and spiritual leaders to help grieve.

Pastor Scott Beard is one of those pastors in the group. He said with his years of pastoral ministry he has seen many families lose those they love and it is never easy. He said he believes APD needs all the support and love they can get right now.

Beard said, “More than anything else I think they just want to know someone is there.”

He also said,"for them to know that there are pastors in this city, there’s a spiritual community not just pastors, because we represent a spiritual community in the city that care about them and that want to help them through their time of loss."

Beard said these officers feel like they lost a sister and a friend.

He said it is important for them to understand there isn't always an answer to what happens, but to understand there is a reason.

He said, "I know that God is good and we live in a fallen world and in this world the Bible even says in John 16:33 were going to have tribulation, we're guaranteed that but then it goes on to say to be of good cheer, Jesus says because I’ve overcome the world that it doesn’t exempt us from trial and suffering."

Beard says although this spiritual group is fairly new, he believes they will be able to help these officers cope with this tragic loss of their sister, friend and partner Detective Elise Ybarra.