Facebook is targeting a new audience: kids.

Abilene ISD’s Director of Communications weighed in on a new social media app called “Messenger Kids.”

“Ten years ago we didn't have cell phones in schools, the students weren't allowed to have them out," Phil Ashby said.

It has raised some eyebrows for school staff.

"It does cause some concerns because if you go down below 13 and 12 years of age, I think some of the lack of maturity the student that age has about, perhaps the ramifications or the responsibilities that goes with being out there on social media,” Ashby said.

On their site, Facebook states it's designed to be compliant with the 'Children's Online Privacy And Protection Act.'
This doesn't allow children under 13 to use Facebook's regular site.
Although it's designed to be kid friendly, Ashby hopes parents will keep an eye on it.

"I think social media is no different than television or friends your children hang out with, it all has to be monitored," Ashby said.

He said there is a way to report things like cyber bullying on the districts website.

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