Lots of people marched through Abilene’s to honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

“I’ve always believed in Martin Luther King. I was born in the 60’s I believe in the fight, and the struggle I believe in a man of faith,” resident Robert Roy said.

Dozens of people gathered at Abilene’s Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge for the march.

For some, it was to celebrate unity.

“It was about being equal and that is why I feel that I can come here today and celebrate with my friends of all colors,” Roy said.

Jannet Mendehill with Connecting Caring Communities brought a group of Abilene teens to the march.

“Most of ours are coming for the first time this year,” Mendehill said.

Many hoped the march would help educate the younger generation.

“They’re learning about community, they’re learning about building community, they’re learning things about being peacemakers,” Mendehill said.

Many people from different walks of life seemed to agree about one thing: It was nice to see everyone come together.

“It’s just nice to be out here and to see people coming together for something at a time where we aren’t having a lot of that kind of stuff,” Mendehill said.

Roy felt there’s always something new we can learn about each other.

“You have to love you have to share you have to acknowledge others,” Roy added.