ABILENE, TX — Educators across the nation are being recognized for ‘Teacher’s Day.’

Fox 15 caught up with a teacher we told you about last year, who’s going above and beyond to educate her kids.

From hatching eggs in her classroom to planting a garden, Mrs. Lyndsey Steffek is doing whatever it takes to educate her second graders.

Last year she implemented ‘alternative seating.’

“The kids are able to move anytime between subjects, they’re able to make a decision on how they learn best,” Steffek said.

This simple change has changed the way her students learn.

“Let’s say if math, if they kind of struggle a little bit, they’re able to move closer to the board in order to be able to see,” Steffek said.

She said allowing them to choose their seat can help relieve them from distractions, like chatting with peers.

“I want to be able to provide choice because in the real world they have to make choices like that every day,” Steffek said.

She thoroughly researched seating changes before bringing in yoga balls, cushions, stools and bean bags. She said the change is showing positive results.

“Our scores went up quite a bit, it was about 25 percent across the board for all students,” Steffek said.

She said all students learn differently, and this caters to their individual needs.

It helps those with ADHD and students who find it difficult to sit in one spot.

“Some kids knew that sitting on a ball would be distracting to them so they opted to sit in a chair, and for some kids they can actually think better when they’re able to move,” Steffek said.

She said the alternative seating isn’t for every classroom, but some teachers are already trying the strategy.