ABILENE, TX — Warning: some viewers may find images in this story disturbing.

The Abilene and Buffalo Gap community came together to help 2 dogs. One of them needed over 200 quills removed from its face.

“My wife rides her bike every morning. So she got out at about 7 o’ clock in the morning. She called me and she said there’s a stray dog out here,” Roger Danesi said.

Danesi’s wife’s bike ride turned into a rescue mission.

“There was this dog, white and black something, that its face was just totally porcupined. So I said ‘Oh no.’ And there was this little brown chubby dog that was next to it,” Danesi said.

The two dogs took off before Danesi's wife could catch them.

But, when he posted the pictures on a lost and found Facebook page the entire Buffalo Gap community joined in on the search.

“Within minutes we got responses from all over Abilene,” Danesi said.

Because one of the dogs in severe pain, Danesi took both dogs to a family vet.

“It took them two hours to pull 200 quills out of its face, its mouth one was in its eye. It was a mess.”

On the lost and found Facebook page, he let residents know the dogs were getting help. Soon something happened.

“The vet said ‘I’m getting calls people are giving us credit card numbers and everything else. We’ve already collected $170 dollars,” Danesi said.

Over $400 dollars were paid towards the $550 dollar bill.

“I was just…I don’t have any words,” Danesi said.

An act of kindness that went a long way for Danesi.

“It takes a tragedy for people to come together. Nobody asked who did you vote for or who do you like or what do you think of the Supreme Court. They just want to help a dog,” Danesi said.

Tuesday, the owner of the dogs was able to claim them.