ABILENE, TX — Taylor and Nolan County drivers said a road project isn’t just holding up traffic, it’s damaging their vehicles.

A Sweetwater resident said the 13-mile road project aimed at repairing a roadway has left many having to repairing cars.

“I had tons of tar all over my vehicles. Not once but maybe three times now,” Patricia Mireles said.

She said the project on I-20 is causing more than a difficult commute.

“There are warning signs during the day for a little while but they seem to take them down 4:30, 5 o clock and you just come up to it suddenly,” Mireles said.

Mireles is not alone in her concerns.

She created the ‘Road Construction Damaged My Vehicle’ Facebook group.

In the group, drivers said they’ve had to get cracks repaired and tar removed from cars.

Drivers said they reached out to the contractor and TxDOT, but no one has helped so far.

“It’s been since May 10th and I haven’t heard back from him. It’s been an entire month,” Mireles said.

In a statement, TxDOT said the project will be finished mid-summer. Via email, officials said drivers need to contact the OCC division in Austin.

Mireles said something needs to be done now before more people have to come out of pocket.