Abilene events — You may notice crowded hotels and longer lines at restaurants in the days to come.

Kelly Thompson with the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau said an eventful week is bringing in crowds to the Key City.

“It’s the start of the Texas Slam Tennis Tournament, which is actually the largest junior tennis tournament in the nation,” Thompson said.

Over 1000 people will be in town just to play. Several other happenings will also bring in large audiences.

“We’re starting Texas High School Rodeo Finals that starts Sunday. And we’re also having the Children’s Art and Literacy Festival,” Thompson said.

Last year over 4,800 people attended CALF.

There is also a quilt show, baseball qualifiers and more.

These events are projected to bring in $3.4M to Abilene. With $1.3M of that coming from the tennis tournament.

“We had to bid for this tennis tournament. We’ve got it for three years and this is the second year that we’ve hosted it,” Thompson said.

The best players will be on 100 courts in Abilene.

“We’ve got a great location we think, and we really show a lot of hospitality,” Thompson said.