Rashell Preslar, 33, was receiving treatment at Hendrick Medical Center when she "recklessly" set fire to a trashcan near an oxygen facility, inside the emergency room.

The defendant locked herself in a restroom when she set the fire and admitted to setting the fire in a reckless manner. According to the arrest report, the fire endangered the structure and people.

Preslar was originally contacted for a search warrant when she confessed to passing two forged checks at an Abilene bank. At that time, Preslar had under 1 gram of methamphetamine in her possession. She also had a 22 caliber rifle in her possession and has been a convicted felon since November 2016.

Preslar was booked in Taylor County Jail on Oct. 3. She was charged with forgery, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and arson. Her bond all together is set at $29,000.