Many people are out sick with the flu and those germs can linger in offices.

Taylor County health officials said 45 flu cases were reported this time last year.

This year there have been close to 250 cases.

Doctors said a lot of those flu germs can brew at your job.

“We actually have to go all online and take a test. So a health code test and everything. Additionally we follow all the health department rules and regulations,” barista Alma Stuhldreher said.

A barista shared tips on how she keeps herself and customers healthy.

“A big thing that we try to focus on a lot is handwashing. That’s our biggest way of minimizing germs and making sure that all of our different supplies within the shop stay clean and sanitized,” Stuhldreher said.

Doctors said it’s best to sanitize things like handles and doors you share with coworkers and to keep your hands away from your face.

“You can keep counter tops clean and one little sneeze will, or cough will contaminate the top. The countertop again,” Taylor County Medical Director, Peter Norton said.

It’s important to remember flu germs linger in lots of places.

“If you’re exchanging money is a big one that people don’t think about all the time, that’s a big way to transfer germs so to speak, or the flu,” Stuhldreher said.