ABILENE, TX — National Geographic TV featured an Abilene museum curator, meet William Lenches.

“My position here is executive director and curator of the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum,” Lenches said. He was given a very special task.

“A producer for Parallax Films of Canada, and they were producing a series for National Geographic called ‘Hitler’s Last Stand,” Lenches said.

Some of the history needed involved members of the 12th Armored Division.

“Quite simply, the way that they’re teaching history nowadays, World War II is oversimplified for presentation. Which means there's still a lot of really good history out there that can be read, and can be written, and can be taught,” Lenches said.

It’s not the first time Lenches has been asked to help out with information for TV productions, but this one was a little different.

“It’s even better though when they’re not just looking for basic information they want to know about one of your boys one of the men from the division that, you know, I’ve dedicated the last seven years of my life to being their publicity agent,” Lenches said.

For the episode ‘Enemy Allies,’ Lenches told the story of the Battle at Castle Itter.

“That battle was actually a big chunk of my master’s thesis and so I had the information they needed,” Lenches said.

You can lay eyes on the history yourself right in downtown Abilene.

“We are the only known complete archive of a World War II only division,” Lenches said.