A new project in Abilene could be life-saving for those who rely on walking or biking.

A pedestrian bridge was built over Elm Creek, along South Clack Street.

City of Abilene staff said the last inspection is expected to be done in a couple of weeks.

Joel Lopez uses the new bridge.

“I walk this area often and a lot of the times I was having to get on the side of the road and it felt dangerous,” Lopez said.

Lopez said this will keep people safe.

“This bridge right here is amazing. It helps a lot, I know it’s going to help with traffic,” Lopez said.

Before the bridge was built, people were sharing the narrow roadway with lots of traffic.

The $300k project brought mixed opinions.

Some viewers felt it won’t be used enough.

One wrote, “Maybe used by one person a day and it won't be long before a vehicle takes it out. Big waste of money.”

Lopez felt many people who walk are used to avoiding the area.

“Not too often. I don’t see many people at all. I think a lot of people still don’t know,” Lopez said.

Another viewer is grateful for the addition.

On Facebook he said, “I drive that road daily and I’m glad pedestrians will not have to use the road to cross over the creek anymore.”

“We noticed it and we’re just like yes finally, something, something for us. It feels like for us,” Lopez said.