October 2, 2017 marked the first day of the capital murder trial of Amber Craker, 20, who allegedly killed her baby. During the first day, the defendant's lawyer described the initial interviews Craker had with police. Afterwards, medical staff that operated on Craker commented on her medical condition and surgery.

According to the initial interviews between Cracker and police, she told officers she didn't know she was pregnant. But the defendant's lawyer described Craker's statements as "inconsistent." In a recording, Craker cried she miscarried, then said later that she'd cut herself shaving her private area.

Medical staff then gave a testimony. The surgeon explained when Craker was at the hospital, she could have bled to death.

Medical staff explained when they discovered Craker had all of the symptoms of giving birth, they performed an emergency surgery.

When Craker woke up from her surgery, doctors asked her what events occurred before she arrived at the hospital. At that time, she didn't respond. The doctor realized the baby may have been "dumped" somewhere.

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