ABILENE, TX — A Big Country mom has her hands full, she’s raising 4 one-year-olds.

Megan Anders and her husband are not your typical parents.

“Our first doctor’s appointment, my regular doctor found triplets so he referred us to a specialist two weeks later,” Anders said.

This wasn’t too surprising because twins run in her family.

“So two weeks later we went to the specialist and that’s when they found the fourth one,” Anders said.

But, this was a big surprise to Anders and her husband.

“He turned white, and I was just glad I was laying down,” Anders said.

Taking care of the babies is a full-time job. Their morning routine takes about 3 hours.

“From the minute they wake up it’s baby everything, I have to get four babies out of bed, diaper change, in their high chair cook breakfast for four babies feed ‘em all, wipe ‘em down, then change their diaper again get their clothes on for the day and then it’s time for play time,” Anders said.

It means four of everything including car seats.

“I swore I’d never drive a minivan and here I am,” Anders said.

It’s also four times the diapers.

“We were going through four hundred diapers a week,” Anders said.

She said now it costs about $200 a week.

Thanks to seven baby showers and lots of gift cards she hasn’t had to splurge on diapers so far.

“I’m hoping to make it through the end of the year without actually having to buy my own diapers,” Anders said.

Anders is grateful to be able to have healthy children.

She said there was only a 10% chance of carrying the babies to term.

“I was really, really blessed that I carried them to 34 weeks, which was full term for quads,” Anders said.

Her new life was unexpected, but something she wouldn’t trade.

“I was meant to be a quad mom. I mean I’m so blessed to have four healthy kids. Wouldn’t change it for the world. They’re so much fun. And I mean, my families complete now,” Anders said.