LuDonna Yoder — also known as LuDonna Miller — was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday by the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office.

WARNING: Some of these details are graphic, so viewer discretion is advised.

Yoder, 41, is the common-law wife of Robert Miller. Miller was arrested and charged with murder on March 2. They are both suspected of killing Miller’s wife at the time, Naomi “Michelle” Miller, in 2005.

The remains believed to be Michelle Miller were found on March 8 at the old race track just off of FM 2105.

In newly obtained court documents, Deputy Billy Fiveash and Texas Ranger Nick Hanna interviewed Yoder. She told them the murder was planned by the pair, and they had several discussions about it.

Yoder said the plan was set into motion by a pre-determined signal. She said her role was to suffocate Michelle using a pillow. Yoder said she saw the signal and held the pillow to her chest in a "ready" position. She said Robert then pinned Michelle against the bed with her hands to her side. Yoder said she put the pillow on Michelle’s face, then removed it and put it in reach of Robert, who then grabbed the pillow and held it to Michelle’s face until she stopped moving and voided her bladder.

Yoder admitted to not doing anything to stop the murder and said she sat on the edge of the bed the whole time. She said she helped bury Michelle in a shallow grave under the Millers’ home on Glass Road, then said around March 1, 2006, they removed Michelle’s body and took it to another location — where the remains were found just last week.

Yoder said she helped Robert place Michelle’s remains in a ditch, rode on a maintainer as Robert covered the body with dirt and also admitted to playing the role of "look out."

According to the document, both parties told investigators where the body was buried and that the remains would be wrapped in a blue tarp.

We’re told by a source that Robert Miller and LuDonna Yoder had a wedding ceremony in the center of the race track — just yards away from the area where Michelle’s remains were found.