Shooting in downtown Abilene
Author: Ashley Ford
Published: 11:28 AM CDT October 16, 2017
Updated: 3:46 PM CDT October 16, 2017
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On Friday, Oct. 13, gunshots were fired outside the Civic Plaza Hotel. This video was captured by an Abilene man. According to the video, 10 shots were fired. The Abilene Police Department is hosting a press conference at 3 p.m. with more details.

During the press conference, APD reported eight to 10 shell casing recovered. They said they were uncertain if drugs were involved.

According to APD, an excess of 300 called were reported in that area due to violence in the last year.


Shooting in downtown Abilene

Chapter 1

The suspects

The suspected gunman has been arrested. Jaucorian Cortez Davis, 18, was arrested and charged with a third degree felony for deadly conduct, discharging a firearm. His bond is set at $75,000.

The night of the shooting, police pulled over a maroon Chevrolet, Impala, which appeared to be traveling the wrong direction on N. 5th St.

Davis was sitting in the passenger seat wearing a white t-shirt and red shorts.

During a safety pat-down, a .380 pistol was located on Davis's person. This pistol was also stolen.

After mirandizing Davis, he admitted to shooting at another subject he stated he had an altercation with.

According the arrest report, multiple independent witnesses advised that Davis was shooting a pistol in the direction of multiple motel rooms, vehicles and people.

Another suspect was arrested, David Dion Jordan, 21. Jordan was in the backseat of the maroon Chevrolet, Impala.

During Jordan's safety pat down, a .380 pistol under the front, right passenger seat. This pistol was stolen as well.

The defendant denied any involvement in the shooting; however, an independent witness identified Jordan as one of the subjects who was shooting a pistol at the Civil Plaza Hotel, according to the arrest report.

Both arrested suspects told police they worked in Abilene and also gave Abilene addresses, although, they both provided Mississippi driver's licenses.

APD reported that a third suspect is still at large. The man in the video below in the white t-shirt has not been located.

Chapter 2

Video of shooting outside Civic Plaza Hotel

Chapter 3

Abilene Police Department

Press conference

One person was injured during the shooting. APD reported the victim sustained a gunshot wound the his lower leg. APD said the victim said he was shot while running away from the hotel.

The victim was privately transported to Hendrick Medical Center where he refused to cooperate with investigating officers. The victim further declined charges.