ABILENE, TX — After years of discussion, the Abilene City Council approved a final street maintenance fee.

Several people voiced their concerns about paying a proposed street maintenance fee.

Voters weighed in on the option in May, now a final plan was passed.

“It will be a fund to address our streets. We’ll begin billing January of ’19,” Mayor Anthony Williams.

Mayor Williams said no plan is perfect, so this one will be evaluated for improvement as it rolls out.

There are some things residents need to be aware of like when they’ll see the charge added to bills.

“Between now and then it will be mock bills sent out to residents so they can review their bill,” Williams said.

Residents should also know disabled people and those over 65 will pay the normal rate.

“If a family meets certain requirements for income their monthly bill will be reduced from 6.75 to a dollar 75,” Williams said.

Commercial properties will pay anywhere between $25 and $75 dollars a month. Multifamily units will pay $6 per unit.

Williams said this will take what’s been a long discussion, to implementation.

“Well we’ve talked about streets for a number of years. You can say we’ve kicked the can there is no more can kicking, and we are addressing our streets here in Abilene, Texas,” Williams said.