The City of Abilene may appoint a street maintenance advisory board.

Its target is to get feedback from the community on a street maintenance fee.

But, it’s also going to help monitor street concerns.

Abilene city manager Robert Hanna said that on Thursday night, a street maintenance advisory board could be appointed.

The seven voting members will filter opinions about adopting a street maintenance fee, but their job won’t stop there.

“We think the appointment of the board is a good idea regardless if council does anything with the fee ordinance or not,” Hanna said.

Abilene’s road conditions have been a heated topic on social media and in city council chambers.

The board will help pinpoint problems.

“To help lead, guide, direct and help us understand some street concerns out there,” Hanna said.

The board will be appointed by the mayor and will advise the director of Public Works.

“I think the intention is to get some inclusion and some representation from all parts of the city,” Hanna said.

Hanna hopes this will provide more transparency between the community and city council.

“We can report back to the city on how we’re doing with street repairs. I think it helps people also to provide people some accountability, legitimacy to the claims we make to the city when we say ‘hey look we repaired x amount of potholes. ,” Hanna said.