Mitchel: There's a lot of love here at Hawley High school where I’ve got Dylan and McKade representing the Hawley basketball team. And, you know, we thought we'd get an idea as to what their ideal Valentine's Day would look like.

Mitchel: Do you have any big plans McKade?

McKade: No. I'll probably just watch some Netflix.

Mitchel: What's the show you're watching?

McKade: Right now, I’m watching criminal minds. That's my number 1 love right now.

Mitchel: There's not too much love happening in that one.

McKade: No.

Mitchel: What is it that you all will be getting your valentines?

Dylan: It's usually kind of like a little tradition. We wake my mom up, cook her breakfast and just give her flowers and just little goodies.

Mitchel: Do either of you have a favorite rom-com?

Dylan: One that my mom always forced me to watch is the notebook.

Mitchel: Are you a chick flick guy?

Dylan: Not at all.

Mitchel: So I’m going to start a poem off for you guys and I need both of you to finish it for me. Roses are red, violets are blue...

McKade: This valentine’s day, I want to be with you.

Dylan: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.

Mitchel: If you're writing out your love note to your future significant other, what would it say?

McKade: Hope you come find me soon.

Dylan: Come find me I guess.

Mitchel: Well you heard it Hawley, these two eligible bachelors are looking for their significant other. There's a lot of love in the air. And that's it for me here at Hawley. Mitchel summers, Fox 15 Abilene news.