ABILENE, TX. — For years, the National Football League has had all female cheerleading teams along the sidelines, but this year things started to change.

Three males on two football teams are making history.

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron made it to the LA Rams cheer squad. Jesse Hernandez will also be cheering along the sidelines for the New Orleans Saints.

In west Texas, its a victory that's been celebrated for years.

"I've always felt like anyone can cheer if they wanted to, I've never been like oh it's only for girls," says The Flip House cheer coach, Cutter McCartney.

Going back to his high school cheer days, McCartney remembers about two boys who stayed in this team until the end.

"We're breaking away from the tradition of only girls can cheer on sidelines I love that we're breaking away from that because there are males that want to cheer," says The Flip House cheer coach Kale Dunlap.

In a girl dominant sport, this change is inspiring all.