Since moving into Southland Conference play, the squad has played like one of the top teams.

They're standing at 4-2 which means they're in the hunt for the top spot in the conference, but they're not the only ones vying for that.

Only a couple of games separate the first place team from the other top five.

Which means the final stretch of the season will be tough but definitely exciting.

"There's parody all over the place." Joe Golding, ACU men's basketball head coach, said. "You know, we're 4-2 right now, but we're two possessions away from being 6-0. We're also probably 5 or 6 possessions away from being 0-6. Every night, everybody can win on anybody's floor. When there's 13 teams in the league and 13 teams can beat one, that's really scary."

One of ACU’s biggest conference tests will be on Wednesday against Stephen F Austin. SFA is currently 15-3 on the season