ABILENE, TX. — A mistrial was declared for 31-year-old, Emory Phillips who is accused of multiple child sex crimes.

The jury stayed until 10 PM Wednesday night at the Taylor County Courthouse, where a verdict concluded a hung trial.

Authorities began investigating Phillips last summer after someone claimed that a child was sexually assaulted back in 2013.

Court documents state that Phillips cornered the victim in a room and told her to pull her underwear down and then touched her inappropriately.

The claim states that the victim was eight or nine years old at the time of the incident.

Documents also state that the victim reported the incident to her mother, then her stepfather reported the event to authorities in July of 2017.

Phillips was indicted March of this year. He remains behind bars under the $240,000.

According to court officials, the rescheduling of the trial is yet to be determined.