MERKEL, TX. — Waylon Davis was raised in Merkel, Texas.

"He was a little bit on the wild side, he liked to live his life...everybody loved him," says Waylon's mother, Frances Bryant.

At age 22, Waylon became a big brother to Rowley. Later, he became father to a beautiful little girl named Shaylee.

On September 16, 2013 it all changed.

"He was on his way to work one day and he had a one car accident...roll over accident," says Bryant.

Since then, she stresses the importance being careful while driving to her son and granddaughter.

To keep Waylon's memory alive, Bryant had an idea.

"By doing that we chose the adopt a highway program...our first trash pickup will be September 16," says Bryant.

Waylon touched the lives of many, and his name will not only remain off of I-20 on a highway sign in Merkel, Texas.