ABILENE, TX. — The Abilene Regional Medical Center introduced robotic-assisted sergical services to Abilene in 2012. They now welcome a newer version of their very own robot that continues to help west Texas patients.

Robotic assisted surgery is used as a minimal invasive technique.

"As a surgeon, you're able to do significantly harder and more technically challenging cases, using the robotic platform, than you were able to do without it,” says OBGYN, Erin Garner.

The robot allows surgeons to see up to 10 times magnification at 3DHD vision.

"Just one incision through the bellybutton that is almost, virtually invisible within a few months after surgery, versus this giant incision that we used to do, the patients are able to heal a lot faster,” says Garner.

This method reduces pain, scarring, the risk of infections, shortens hospital stays and leads to a quicker recovery.

Currently, Abilene Regional has a team of seven surgeons who operate with the robot.

"We see everything, we do everything, the robot doesn't do anything we don't tell it to do,” says Garner.