An elderly Ranger woman saw something on her property that lead to an outpour from the community.

Signs with racial slurs were posted on a property she owns.

94-year-old Elvira Short has lived in Ranger since 1954.

She said she’s never been bothered until last month.

She told Fox 15 her phone began ringing and an angry woman was on the other end of the line.

“She said your place just makes mine look bad,” Short said.

Short said shortly after, a man mowing the property delivered hurtful news.

“He called me to come down there and see it,” Short said.

There were several signs with hate messages plastered on the fence.

Racism is something Short said she’s never experienced before in Ranger.

“That’s over with. That’s been over with, that was back in the 30’s, 40’s,” Short said.

Short’s niece was just as shocked at the posters.

“I stopped dropped everything,” said Donnice Graham.

She tries to make sure her aunt is safe.

“I’m 46-years-old, never once in my life I’ve ever had seen anything like that. Not written on paper, not in someone’s backyard,” said Graham.

She said no elderly person should go through this.

“When you make threats and bully someone that’s 94-year-old, there’s a problem,” said Graham.

After the hate messages came messages of love from the rest of the Ranger community.

“I couldn’t even keep my phone charged because people were outraged by this,” said Graham.

One reached out to Fox 15’s Vanessa Paige and wrote: "I hate what has happened to this family, I’ve known them for years (...) I see no color and I’ve also taught my kids that..."

“There were a lot of Caucasian people that were very supportive and still are very supportive, and still outraged by it. So I’m thankful for the friend I do have,” said Graham.

The flyers are signed with the name Cynthia Moore.

Eastland County Jail records say a Cynthia Moore-Simmons was arrested Friday on harassment charges.

The Ranger Chief of Police hasn’t yet said the arrest is related to this incident, but did say this investigation is ongoing.