Scammers target anyone and anywhere. But now they have honed in on those who are the most vulnerable.

Millions of people in the United States have health insurance, and many trust that their insurance will help them, but these scammers have other plans.

Cynthia Savana was left a double amputee after complications of diabetes and her insurance is the only way she can get the medications she needs to stay alive. But when she got a call from a United Healthcare number she knew something wasn't right.

Cynthia said she immediately recognized that it wasn't real and called United to double check. They called the number back and found it to be fraudulent.

Abilene Police said cases like these are popping up more and more and it's the elderly who are being targeted.

PD said to protect yourself always know who is on the other end of the line and if you don't feel comfortable with the caller or what they are requesting double check it.

Never give out personal information by mail or phone.

Cynthia said she was glad that she knew immediately what to do and didn't fall for this scam.