West Texas is no stranger to severe weather and the West Central Texas Council of Governments wanted to make sure the residents here are kept safe.

The Storm Shelter Rebate Program has been in effect for several years in Taylor County as well as eighteen other counties around West Texas.

The program gives a rebate of half the sticker price of a safe room or storm shelter.

To qualify for the program an applicant must prove ownership of their home and also own the land the home is on and go through an approved vendor that is chosen by the program.

Once all necessary paperwork is completed and the safe room or shelter is installed the WCTCOG will inspect the shelter or safe room and then give the customer a rebate of up to 3000 dollars or 50 percent of what the shelter cost.

The process from start to finish lasts around 120 days.

The WCTCOG said their grant ends in December of 2017 so if you wish to go through this program, you should apply now.