For our Boys team of the week, It's the Stamford Bulldogs.
Every game they play it seems like it means more, but they've embraced the pressure.They're currently undefeated in district and lot has to do with their offense
They're averaging about 68 points per game in district, which makes them the highest scoring team.
Dominance is something that Stamford carries over from sport to sport.

Dean Edwards, Stamford boys head coach, said: “We have success in track. [We then went] to state track meet. Then we have a lot of success in baseball. Then that carried over into football this year. You know, we go three rounds deep in football. These kids don't want to lose. You know, one sport builds upon another.”Now the Bulldogs have a big district fight coming up on Friday against Anson...
The Tigers will be tough to score on. Anson gives up the second fewest points in district play.