ABILENE, TX. — The Abilene Police Department is implementing a family violence assessment program to better assist victims. In efforts to help fight off domestic violence in the Big Country, Sprint and the Noah Project have stepped up.

"Officers respond to over 150 cases of family violence a year in Abilene," says APD sergeant, Kevin Ohneiser.

Sprint has donated 80 cell phones with $1,600 minutes to APD.

"When an officer arrives on scene, they will do an assessment. If the assessment dictates an immediate phone call, the officers will use the cellphones donated by sprint to make the phone call for them" says sergeant Ohneiser.

This phone call will be to any of the local organizations that assist family violence victims.

"They may not truly understand all of the programs that are out there willing to help them," says sergeant Ohneiser.

The Noah Project is also contributing and is offering minutes for these cell phones when they run out.