ABILENE, TX. — The Roberts family from Bonham, Texas, has been traveling all over the state to show in numerous fairs and rodeos alongside their six-year-old, Maci.

At age four, Maci showed an interest in the rodeo world, so she started to compete in the miniature Hereford showings.

“It lets her meet kids from all over the state that has similar interests with hers and make friends in the industry,” says Maci’s father, Chance Roberts.

Starting off showing in Houston, Texas, the family works hard every day to show their little Maci the ropes of the rodeo.

"Work their hair, when it's getting closer to the show, clip them…at the same time you're training them to lead on a halter and set up to where the judge will be able to evaluate them," says Roberts.

All the time and efforts spent to perform, allow Maci to take away the skills of a lifetime.

"She learns how to lose, she learns how to win humbly…whatever she decides to do it's taught her the responsibility of taking care of something,” says Roberts.