Sometimes it can be prevented and other times it can't, truancies.

Tommy Vaughn, principal, at Wyllie High School says...Wylie I.S.D;s average daily attendance for students is above 97 percent.

"As far as truancies, we are pretty fortunate that's not one of our major issues,” said Vaughn. “That other 2.8, 2.9 percent, we'll have some sickness here and there.”

Truancies are low and Principal Vaughn said high school students rarely play hooky, but if they do:

“For example if they skip a class or two, we will most likely give them a 5-hour Saturday school,” said Vaughn. “They'll determine that is not a good trade."

School officials say a small portion of students will be chronically truant, meaning they miss class often, which isn't good.

"What the State says, for a student to get credit needs to be in attendance 90% of the school days and that allows them to have 18 absences for the year,” said Vaughn.

On a financial point of view, schools are paid based on the average daily attendance.

Principal Vaughn wants kids to learn and grow and parents have a big role with the outcome.

"When it's all said and done, until they're 18, that parent is responsible for the child they brought into the world and that includes getting them to school,” said Vaughn.