A recent study from USA Today showed that one in five Americans admit to peeing in pools.

After visiting popular splash pads, Kate a nanny in Abilene, said she often takes her kids to public pools and splash pads. She said even though she trusts the city's water, she is never too careful.

"They sit in it, they play in it, I'm sure they swallow it, it gets in their eyes and so right when we walk in the door everything goes in the washer and they go in the shower," Kate said.

Wes, the aquatics supervisor with the City of Abilene said they take all the necessary precautions to make sure the water is safe. He said if there is ever an incident with tainted water, they immediately take action.

"We monitor and check our chemicals every hour," Wes added, "We'll shock the pool, you know, we'll clear everyone out for however long."

But even with the constant treatment people can be harmed.

"You can get eye infections, you could get ear infections," Wes said.

And that strong chlorine smell may not be all chlorine, in fact, the majority of it is a stench of urine.

"No matter what water it is they're not gonna be 100 percent all the time; I mean, there's no super clean option... ever," Wes said.