Every fan wants to be right in the action, but you can only get so close.
One ACU wildcat is taking you behind the scenes.

Welcome to TripTalk, your exclusive look inside ACU basketball.

Isaiah Tripp, ACU senior guard and TrippTalk host, said: "I just wanted to bring something new, fresh to the table to give people that voice give people that power or empowerment to know that you can just be yourself in whatever that is. All of those just really touch my heart to be honest."

After buying a GoPro, Guard Isaiah Tripp started a 7 day vlog. Halfway through, he realized he had a unique opportunity.

"I figured a lot of people want to go inside the life kind of in detail of a D-1 athlete. And so, that kind of sparked a whole thing and I turned it into the day in the life of a D-1 athlete." Tripp said.

And the team's having fun with it too.

"It's crazy. Like, they all just love that camera. We're just having fun with it. Letting loose and just having that platform to show the world what they're all about." Tripp said.

Tripp opens the door to the life of an athlete
Even life off the floor.

"You know, I just want to show the world my family and show what I come home to every night." Tripp said.

Family. It's at the core of Isaiah’s life. The vlog wouldn't be complete without them.

"Hopefully that inspires you to go home and just want to love up on your family." Tripp said.

The senior has found himself an audience. At 1600 followers and growing, people are taking notice of his message.

"it's my main goal with this whole thing is changing the world. And the way i wanted to do that was just positive energy with love filled messages. You know, they'll be able to relate to that message and also be themselves." Tripp said.

For his next step, Tripp hopes to one day reach 1 million subscribers.

Also, Isaiah makes sure to reward his subscribers on his page by regularly doing giveaways.
For anyone interested in checking out his channel search "TrippTalkShow" on YouTube.