After the devastating news of their loved one dying, an Abilene family wondered what to do next. The Abilene Fire Department also felt the pain of losing the boy.

Liam's uncle, Benjamin Reed said his family is at a loss, "We're just taking it one day at a time, I'm sorry we're all just kind of at a loss right now."

As reported earlier, Ashley and Ayden Hardy were able to be rescued by bystanders but Liam was unable to be reached until AFD showed up on scene.

The fire was so hot that a firefighter even sustained injuries during the rescue.

Liam had to be resuscitated once on scene and was taken to a local hospital with his mother Ashley. Both then were taken to a Lubbock burn unit where he later died from his injuries.

Wednesday's fire also took a toll on AFD. Chief Larry Bell explained this is the third death call they had received that week. He said even though it's their job it never gets easier especially when a child is involved.

Ashley is scheduled to have her first of many surgeries Friday. The older son Ayden is in the care of grandparents in Lubbock.

The uncle, Benjamin said that Ashley was able to see Liam via video chat one last time before he died.

There is still no word on what caused the fire.