Slowing down Jalone Friday is a tough challenge for any team facing the Wildcats, but the only problem is Friday hasn't given himself enough time to put pressure on opposing defenses.
Because he's been in foul trouble a lot recently.
There was a span of six straight games where he fouled out.
So the coaching staff is working with him to bring that number down.

Head Men’s Basketball Coach Joe Golding said: “I think a lot of it just goes with experience and him just understanding how important it is for him to be on the floor. You know, he's not doing this on purpose. You know, he's competing. There's usually two fouls a game that frustrate us as a coaching staff. If we can get rid of those two, then i think we can play him for longer stretches. There's no secret, we're a better team when he's on the floor.It's important for Friday to stay on the court considering he's ACU’s leading scorer.