Summer is almost over, school is about to start and one South Abilene elementary is doing what they can to make sure students are safe.

"The features that we have in are our lock system, buzz in, buzz out, maybe some cameras in certain ingress areas and our door center," Craig Bessent, assistant superintendent at Wylie Independent School District said.

These are some features built in the new Wylie East Elementary, opening this fall. The school has more safety features built in that Bessent couldn’t speak on.

"We don't want the people that are trying to get access to out campus know exactly how to do that” Bessent said. “A lot of our security features we do are kind of on a 'need to know' basis."

Experts say about 85 percent of shooters are current students.

"They're already in the building, they walk right through the front door,” Bessent said. “We know that about 90 percent of our illegal contraband doesn't come through the front door it comes through other ingress points."

"One major issue we don't hear a lot about is suicide and suicide prevention,” Bessent said. “We are going to be taking a more active role: we are going to get our folks trained, teachers and our counselors."