SAN ANGELO, Texas — Confidence in a widespread severe weather event is strong overnight Tuesday into the very early morning hours on Wednesday.

The major impacts will be very gusty winds of more than 60 mph. The forecast also calls for quarter-to-golf ball sized hail in some of the thunderstorms. Frequent cloud-to-ground lightning will also be in the forecast. There is also growing confidence in a brief spin-up or two of a tornado. That threat is low, but straight-lined winds can be just as destructive, if not more, than a low-end tornado.

Storm timing
Ricky Cody

Here's a look at the timeline:

While showers and thunderstorms are possible and likely after 7 p.m., the stronger storms will arrive after midnight.

Tuesday night 10 p.m.
Ricky Cody

By 2 a.m., a squall line of showers and storms will have impacts in our far western counties. This will include winds exceeding 60 mph, hail and dangerous lightning.

Wednesday 2 a.m.
Ricky Cody

By 3 a.m., the storm will be just west of the Abilene to San Angelo line with very gusty winds out ahead of hit. This will be the time when a spin-up tornado is possible.

Wednesday 3 a.m.
Ricky Cody

By 4 a.m., the storm will be rolling through central West Texas, the threats are the same from the previous hours.

Wednesday 4 a.m.
Ricky Cody

By 6 a.m., light scattered rain for the central part of the viewing area, but the severe weather threat will shift to the east from Breckenridge to Mason.

Wednesday 6 a.m.
Ricky Cody

Behind the severe weather threat, a HIGH WIND WARNING goes into effect for most of West Texas. These are areas that will likely see wind gusts upwards of 40-60 mph. It goes into effect form 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

High wind warning
Ricky Cody

Another element to these storms will be the widespread rain. While the National Weather Service doesn't look at flooding as a severe weather component, we are looking at 1/3"-1 1/2" of rain when the system pushes through. There are possible higher amounts in localized storms.

Rainfall through Wednesday
Ricky Cody

Please make sure you have a way of receiving weather alerts overnight to keep you and your family safe.

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