Mitchell County, Texas — Last week's storm that swept through Mitchell County caused a lot of damage.

Both, the Loraine and Colorado City Fire Department's believe this has to be one the worst storms in recent time.


"We were getting ready to do a water rescue and he was able to get out on his own thank goodness."

"There was power lines all over the county. I think there was an estimated 11 power lines around Colorado City, Loraine area."

"Devastation everywhere. This is the biggest storm I think we've had in a long time."

"That's the good part of the story. As far as I know, there was no injuries or I know there was no fatalities."

"The farming community was one of the biggest ones impacted."

"A lot of them had their crops in. It 'disastered' all of their crops."

"God's grace I think everyone survived this deal."

"Lots of inconveniences, lots of tore off roofs, lots of sheds blown away."

"Lots of loss of water and electricity during this whole deal that the citizens of Mitchell County had to put up with."

"But I think the good story is everyone is safe and nobody was injured that I know of